Andrew White

Lancaster University Postgraduate Award - Environmental Sciences

Andrew White graduated in 2019 with a BS in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. White’s experiences fueled his decision to study the intersection of people and planet, marrying science and policy to develop robust solutions to environmental challenges that threaten the human condition. In 2016, White helped dozens of farmers in their plight with drought while he was a congressional fellow in the US House of Representatives. He helped secure federal natural disaster relief aid through multidisciplinary research and stakeholder engagement. In his following internship at Sandia National Labs, White conducted research on climate change science and its impacts. There he built his foundational understanding of the socioeconomic inequities associated with projected climate scenarios that motivated his decision to pursue further studies and research through Fulbright. White is most looking forward to learning about how to address the environmental and social implications of climate change. Beyond university lectures, White is interested in what Lancaster’s community may teach him through their climate emergency resolution as a local approach to a global challenge.