Andrew Song

Fulbright-Imperial College London Award

Andrew, originally from Yorba Linda, California, recently graduated from Stanford University with a B.S.H. in Human Biology and a minor in music. He is deeply passionate about advocating for patients with disabilities and their families. For his honors thesis, he researched the mechanism of mitigating deleterious neuroimmune responses by delaying axonal degeneration after ischemic stroke. In his free time, he enjoys leading art workshops for stroke patients at Stanford Hospital, working at music festivals as a volunteer EMT, playing golf and tennis with friends, and surfing along the west coast.  

At Imperial College London, Andrew will be pursuing a Master's in Bioinformatics and Theoretical Systems Biology and will conduct research in axonal regeneration and restorative neuroscience. In high school, he opened the first ACEing Autism clinic in Orange County, a program dedicated to teaching tennis to children with autism. While in London, he plans on spending his free time coaching tennis at the London ACEing Autism clinic, hosting art workshops and music therapy sessions at hospitals, and attending music concerts and sporting events, including Wimbledon. Ultimately, Andrew aspires to become a practicing physician-scientist while continuing academic research in stroke recovery.