Andie Sheinbaum

Fulbright/University of Manchester Award

Hailing from Aurora, Colorado, Andie graduated with a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Brandeis University in 2024. Her passion for Green Infrastructure stems from a summer-long internship she held at the Charles River Watershed Association, where she researched Green Infrastructure's uses in reducing Combined Sewer Overflows across the United States. 
Andie has been greatly interested in the idea of solving numerous issues with environmental-based solutions since coming to colleges. Internships at the Office of United States Senator Michael F. Bennet and the Earth Law Center, as well as a multi-term undergraduate Teaching Assistantship for an oceanography course, have given her ample opportunity to explore and delve into the best ways to address multifaceted issues. At the University of Manchester, Andie hopes to continue this investigation by focusing on the different ways that Green Infrastructure can address issues ranging from the urban heat island effect to air pollution. She is excited to learn from her international peers and expert professors in order to tackle the climate crisis in the most effective and equitable way possible. 
Beyond academics, Andie loves comedy, and has been honored to serve as the president of an improv troupe for the past several years. She has a deep passion for the legal system, music, and books, and looks forward to continuing these pursuits in Manchester.