Amy Varney

British Friends of Harvard Business School Award, Harvard Business School - Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

I received an undergraduate degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry followed by a DPhil in Organic Chemistry at the University of Oxford; my doctoral research was focused on cancer medicinal chemistry. I developed an interest in the essential role that business plays in developing and delivering effective, safe drugs for patients, so after finishing my DPhil, I joined OxStem, a start-up biotechnology company, as the first employee, helping establish the company and its first four subsidiaries. During my MBA, I hope to build on this experience and develop as a future business leader, with the intention of translating innovative science to address global challenges, namely in healthcare and climate change. I am excited to explore opportunities in the pharmaceutical and sustainability industries during my Fulbright, making use of the facilities, innovation and networks in Boston. Efforts to address healthcare challenges and/or the climate crisis both require global-level leadership. I am therefore honoured to have been chosen by Fulbright, which represents the importance of intercultural exchange and global thinking. During my time at HBS I plan to travel as much as possible within the US because I greatly enjoy exploration and adventure.