Amin Karamlou

Elsevier Data Analytics Award, University of Texas at Austin - Computational Theory

I currently work as a researcher at Imperial College London where I have recently completed my MEng degree in computing. My interests broadly lie within theoretical computer science. I will soon be starting my PhD studies with a focus on complexity theory, a field dedicated to identifying the inherent difficulty of computational problems. Any well-defined task, be it protein folding, finding Nash equilibria or even playing video games, can be formalised as a computational problem. For this reason, I believe that solving the open problems of complexity theory will have implications for a wide variety of other fields, making it a worthwhile subject of research. While visiting UT Austin as a Fulbright scholar, I look forward to working on quantum complexity theory with world-leading academics from the Quantum Information Center. My goal with this research is to help us identify tasks that quantum computers can solve more efficiently than the classical computers we use today. In my free time, I love being outdoors. I am looking forward to exploring some of the many national parks in the US during my visit, especially for some rock climbing and wakeboarding.