Alun Hubbard

Lloyd's Scholar Award - University of Alaska Anchorage and Brown University

Alun is an applied glaciologist and geophysicist primarily interest in the response of glaciers and ice sheets to atmospheric, oceanic and geological forcing.   He holds an Arctic Five Chair at The Arctic University of Norway - Tromso with a remit to understand the long-term stability and legacy of the Greenland ice sheet and its impact on the environment, landscape, carbon-cycle, and broader commitment to global sea-level rise and impact on society. His approach encompasses the collection of innovative field-data to improve process understanding and to constrain numerical models.  As well as Greenland, he has ongoing research projects across the Arctic, including Alaska, Svalbard and the High Canadian Arctic with additional interests in Patagonia, Asia, New Zealand and Antarctica. He has over 70 months continuous experience working on the Greenland ice sheet and as many successful research/exploration expeditions across far-flung remote regions of the planet, many conducted from his own steel sailboat and a helicopter logistics non-profit that he set up. He is an active commentator on the environment, and has presented for and supported many gong-winning documentaries including BBC's Frozen Planet 1 & 2, Operation Iceberg, Netflix "Our Planet", National Geographic "Chasing Ice" to name a few.  He is excited for the Fulbright year ahead, to be shared between Anchorage and Rhode Island.