Alison Hight

Global Wales Visiting Student Researcher Award, Bangor University - History

Alison Hight is a PhD candidate in Modern European History at Rutgers University focusing on nineteenth century Britain and Ireland. She is a proponent of the Four-Nations approach to British history, which emphasizes the diverse relationships between England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. The multi-nationality of the United Kingdom and its vast nineteenth century empire is at the heart of her dissertation project, which traces the overlapping development of imperial and Four-Nations identities. Alison is excited to be the first recipient of the Global Wales Visiting Student Researcher Award. She will draw from Bangor University’s archives to trace how the politics of language and higher education galvanized Welsh, British, and imperial perspectives in the late nineteenth century. While on her Fulbright, Alison hopes to learn more about the Welsh language from the region’s vibrant Welsh-speaking community.