Alison Brysk

Oxford-Pembroke Visiting Professorship Award, Pembroke College, Oxford University - International Relations

Alison has spent three decades researching international human rights. Along the way, she has taught at four universities and travelled to 43 countries, with prior Fulbright awards in Canada and India – culminating in her current position chairing Global Studies at the University of California Santa Barbara. Alison's graduate studies focused on human rights transitions in Latin America and Argentina’s Mothers of the Disappeared. Since then, she has written seven books on worldwide struggles of human rights movements for democracy, indigenous rights, protection from human trafficking and security from gender violence. Alison's last book, The Future of Human Rights, will be the theme of her UK Fulbright project: a series of seminars on how international human rights can adapt to an era of rising nationalism, global inequality, and scepticism regarding international institutions. She is looking forward tremendously to collaboration with UK colleagues on these urgent challenges – and listening to really old music in really old churches