Alice Simm

Fulbright Postgraduate Award - LLM Law at Indiana University

Alice graduated with a degree in Law from the University of Liverpool. After taking part in an expedition to India in 2018 and volunteering in the slums in Chennai, Alice became aware of different traumas and human rights violations that many people suffer from. This experience opened her eyes to the violations of fundamental human rights that are taking place all over the world. From this, Alice decided to pursue a degree in Law, in the hope of becoming an advocate for international human rights.

During her time in the United States, Alice hopes to give back to the community, by taking part in pro bono schemes. She wants to widen her experiences and knowledge in human rights law through academic and practical work, with the aim of returning to the UK to train as a qualified solicitor. Once qualified, she plans to travel to countries where extreme human rights violations take place, to educate people on their international rights.