Alice Heyeh

Fulbright-Northumbria University Postgraduate Award - M.A. in Communication Design

Alice Heyeh is from Chappaqua, NY and graduated from University of Pennsylvania in 2021 with a B.A. in Communication and minors in Consumer Psychology and Design. At Penn, she was the Arts Editor for 34th Street Magazine and a member of the Asian American Studies Undergraduate Advisory Board. She has taken courses in interface design, digital inequalities, and technology in the Global South.

Through her coursework, Alice became interested in the intersection of artificial intelligence and service design. At Northumbria University, Alice will obtain a M.A. in Communication Design to further her research in technological solutions to algorithmic bias. In doing so, Alice hopes to design products that are accessible, fair, and intuitive. In Newcastle Upon Tyne, she looks forward to exploring contemporary art museums and watching student fashion shows!