Adnan Khan

Fulbright All Disciplines Scholar Award - The University of Iowa

Adnan is a clinician-scientist in ophthalmology. At the University of Southampton, he recently completed a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)-funded Clinical Lectureship. His research interests include sight-threatening ocular inflammatory and retinal diseases. Adnan qualified from UCL Medical School, combining his medical degree with a PhD in transplantation immunology from Imperial College London. He underwent ophthalmic surgical training in Aberdeen, Scotland. 

There is increasing evidence that an age-related decline of immune system regulation, known as immunosenescence, contributes to degenerative diseases of the macula (the central part of the retina). A UK-wide shortage of donor eye tissue makes it difficult to undertake the most innovative retinal research. Adnan will use his Fulbright year to translate areas of good practice from the novel partnership of The University of Iowa with Iowa Lions Eye Bank. He will use ground-breaking technology to further investigate immunosenescence in macular diseases as a basis for translation into curative therapies. Outside of work, Adnan has a wide interest in music traditions and travel. He hopes to attend as many college football games as possible, not only for the sport, but to experience the great marching bands of the Big Ten athletics conference!