Adalys Sanchez

The Fulbright University of Exeter Summer Institute on Global Sustainability

Adalys Sánchez Mangual, born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is currently a rising junior at Syracuse University, majoring in Earth Sciences with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. She is passionate about the intersection of environmental justice and marginalized communities. Through her academic journey she aims to equip herself with the knowledge and skills necessary to advocate for environmental justice as a lawyer. In her free time she enjoys beach outings, reading and performing arts.

Her anticipation for attending the University of Exeter stems from a desire to explore UK's climate change research and sustainability practices, to hopefully integrate these insights into initiatives back home. Furthermore, she looks forward to sharing her past research on coastal communities and water quality with experts in Exeter who do similar work.

Adalys believes that her participation will help her advocate for a healthier planet who is aware of the major impact of climate change and practices sustainability as a way that creates social equity as well. She's eager to explore Exeter's historical sights and hike the Jurassic Coast to see fossils she learns about in her Earth Science classes!