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22 May 2023

Meet our 2023 UK Summer Institutes participants

We are pleased to introduce the participants in this year’s UK Summer Institute programme. The UK Summer Institute programme for US undergraduates has been offered through partnerships with a variety of top-ranked UK universities since 2010.  


This year we are hosting the following six Summer Institutes at host institutions across the UK including the University of Exeter, the Scotland Summer Institute (at the Glasgow School of Art and the University of Strathclyde), Queen's University Belfast, Aberystwyth University and two at the University of Bristol. Our thanks and appreciation go to our university partners and sponsors, the Jeff Louis and Gannett Foundations, the US embassy and the Scottish government, for making this fantastic opportunity possible. 

The US-UK Fulbright Commission is dedicated to investing in human potential and working towards a world where there are no obstacles to learning, understanding and collaboration. This year, we are delighted to have offered 39 placements to students from 22 different US States and 33 different universities across the US – 27 out of the 39 participants had never travelled outside of North America, and 15 of the participants are the first in their family to go to university.

In making these awards, the Commission looks not only for academic excellence, but a focused application, a range of extracurricular and community activities, demonstrated ambassadorial skills, a desire to further the Fulbright Programme, and a plan to give back to their home country upon their return.  

In addition to covering all participant costs, the Fulbright Summer Institutes participants receive a distinctive support and cultural education programme including a comprehensive pre-departure orientation, enrichment opportunities, and the opportunity to join our alumni networks. Find out more about the Summer Institutes here.

Aberystwyth University Summer Institute – Identity and Nationhood 

The Aberystwyth Summer Institute is a three-week cultural and academic programme focusing on the theme ‘Identity and Nationhood through the lens of Wales’, at a critical juncture in the politics of Wales, the UK and wider Europe.

The programme will provide a comprehensive overview of the impact of economic and social change, structural and political reform, the relationship of the monarchy with the Welsh nation in the wake of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the implications of dynamics such as migration for the politics of identity and nationhood and shifting perceptions of Welsh identity and nationhood. Through a combination of taught sessions and field trips, the programme offers an exciting opportunity to discuss these issues from a Welsh, British and international perspective.

Students selected to participate in the 2023 Aberystwyth University Institute are: Tobey Condon from Wabash College, Victoria Grigsby from Middle Tennessee State University, Joniel Lewis from Johns Hopkins University, Meredith Perkins from Miami University, Jayden Ramos from Syracuse University, Caedon Spencer from Georgetown University, Sophia Stewart from Louisiana State University, Sophia Travis from Wellesley College.

University of Bristol Summer Institute 

This University of Bristol Institute programme hosted six Fulbright students who attended courses on the theme of social justice, activism and art. 

As well as undertaking classes during their three-week Institute, students also had the chance to learn about the city of Bristol and the culture, heritage and history of the UK.  Students will investigate how literature, music, visual arts, poetry and storytelling, dance, philosophy and critical social theories have shaped movements for social justice across the globe, with particular attention given to racial justice and the legacies of slavery.

Participants selected for 2023 are: Nonso Akunwafor from Virginia Commonwealth University, Arionna Bell from Johns Hopkins University, Téa Cushman from Nebraska Wesleyan University, Dagmawit Getnet from The Ohio State University, Christopher Jolivette from Mississippi State University, Jasbeth Medrano from University of Texas at San Antonio, Gregory Perryman from  University of Virginia.

University of Bristol Black Humanities Summer Institute

The Black Humanities Summer Programme invites students to engage with history, literature, visual culture, cinema and music to gain an understanding of the key developments, themes, moments and texts that form the bedrock of this field. Consciously anchored in Bristol, a city with roots deep in the histories of Transatlantic slavery and colonialism, radical thought and resistance and a vibrant cultural scene, the summer school invites students to explore the cycles and circuits that connect the city to broader national and global dialogues around race and the humanities.

Participants selected for 2023 are: Joseph Ambrosino from University of South Florida, Jennifer Turner from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Nicholas Rugbart from Elon University.

Queen's University Belfast Summer Institute 

The Fulbright Queen’s University Summer Institute 2023 offers international students a three-week introduction to the rich tapestry of historical, cultural, political, environmental, and socio-economic factors that combine to make Northern Ireland a unique place. This experiential programme will situate Queen’s, Belfast, and the north of Ireland within the key conversations that shape our wider world.

Not simply academic in scope, the Summer Institute provides insights into the histories, locations, and future visions of Belfast and this part of Ireland by engaging with local people and visiting a range of political, historical, and cultural sites. Participants will learn about the city and explore the country alongside peers from other international universities, drawn from across the world’s seven continents. 

Selected participants for 2023 are: Brett Cooper from Centre College, Chloe Goode from University of Richmond, Rocco Hicks from Arkansas State University, Alexis Keeney from Georgia College and State University, Anna Whaley from Western Kentucky University.

University of Exeter Summer Institute

The Fulbright University of Exeter Summer Institute on Global Sustainability is aimed at bringing students who are passionate about sustainability and protecting the future of our planet together within the Fulbright programme and joining a wider global audience on their Sustainability Summer Programme.  

Participants will explore two main themes: sustainability and civic responsibility for the future of our planet, and the promotion of multicultural idea sharing and learning to help build a global community that is compassionate and understanding of diversity in its actions. Participants are encouraged to explore how STEM can support sustainability within a variety of disciplines across the Faculty of Environment, Science and Economy. The academic content is delivered by scholars who are at the top of their respective fields, from disciplines such as Earth and Environmental Science, Ecology and Conservation, Engineering, and Mathematics. 

Selected participants for 2023 are: Catherine Adams from The Ohio State University, Chapal Bhavsar from University of Connecticut-Storrs, Nisha Lerdsuwanrut from University of Southern California, Delia from The University of Montana, Brannan Tisdale from Mississippi State University, Sarah Wilson from Smith College.

Scotland Summer Institute at the University of Strathclyde and the Glasgow School of Art

The Fulbright Scotland Summer Institute on Technology, Innovation and Creativity is a three-week academic and cultural programme, this year Glasgow School of Art and the University of Strathclyde will host 10 participants.

Through lectures, seminars and study visits, participants will learn about the development of Scotland as a technological nation and an innovative and creative society. Participants will consider the forces that have shaped the past and are shaping the future of Scotland as a technological, innovative and creative society. They will gain a deeper understanding of the cultural role of Scottish institutions, historic spaces and places, national galleries and museums and the evolution of Scotland’s place in the world. Participants will have free time in Glasgow and Edinburgh to experience the distinct cultural ambience and atmosphere of Scotland’s largest city and its capital city.

Students selected to participate in the 2023 Institute are: Vishnupriya Alavala from Virginia Commonwealth University, Sarah Belcher from University of Louisville, Mireille Cypher from University of North Georgia, Neal Daniel from University of Miami, Abigail Dumm from The Ohio State University, Melia Henrichsen from Colorado State University, Connor Kaufmann from University of Notre Dame, Benson Le from University of Mississippi, Peyton Rodgers from Georgia College and State University, Kassandra Vasquez from New Mexico State University.

You can learn more about our participants by reading their bios here.