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17 November 2023

Introducing Fulbright Conversations: a Global Challenges Podcast

Embark on a thought-provoking journey with Fulbright Conversations: Global Challenges, a podcast that delves into impactful dialogues featuring Fulbright alumni from the UK and the US.

This series addresses pressing global issues, offering a unique blend of perspectives that transcend borders. Each episode explores topics such as arts and social activism, climate change, pandemics and public health, and media and misinformation, navigating the complexities of our world and seeking solutions that unite us all.

In our inaugural episode, Climate Change and Climate Action, host Sam Thompson engages in a transatlantic conversation with Fulbrighters Sammie Buzzard, a glaciologist and climate scientist, and Staci Strobl, a professor of criminology at Shenandoah University, Virginia.

Drawing on their experiences with the Fulbright Global Challenges Teaching Award, the discussion surrounds the impact of virtual exchange on students and their work, emphasizing the crucial role of cultural exchange and collaboration in addressing global challenges like climate change.

The episode explores the benefits of taking an interdisciplinary perspective on climate change and climate action, providing insights on how to extend the conversation beyond academia and encourage individual climate action. Tune in on your favourite platform here.