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15 July 2022

Announcing our 2022 UK Summer Institute participants

We are pleased to introduce the participants in this year’s UK Summer Institute programme. The UK Summer Institute programme for US undergraduates has been offered through partnerships with a variety of top-ranked UK universities since 2010. 

This year includes Aberystwyth University, University of Bristol, Queens University Belfast, UCL and a partnership between University of Strathclyde and Glasgow School of Art. Our thanks and appreciation go to our university partners and sponsors, the Jeff Louis and Gannett Foundations, the US embassy and the Scottish government, for making this fantastic opportunity possible.

The US-UK Fulbright Commission is dedicated to investing in human potential, and working towards a world where there are no obstacles to learning, understanding and collaboration. This year, we are delighted to have offered 30 placements to students from 19 different US States and 27 different universities across the US – 26 out of the 30 participants had never travelled outside of North America.

In making these awards, the Commission looks not only for academic excellence, but a focused application, a range of extracurricular and community activities, demonstrated ambassadorial skills, a desire to further the Fulbright Programme, and a plan to give back to their home country upon their return. 

In addition to covering all participant costs, the Fulbright Summer Institutes participants receive a distinctive support and cultural education programme including a comprehensive pre-departure orientation, enrichment opportunities, and the opportunity to join our alumni networks. Find out more about the Summer Institutes.

Aberystwyth University Summer Institute - Farming and Agriculture in Wales: Sustainable Food Production and Land Use

The Farming and Agriculture in Wales Summer Institute is a three-week cultural and academic programme focusing on contemporary issues in Farming and Agriculture, through the lens of Wales, and is hosted by Aberystwyth University.

The US students study at Aberystwyth University’s Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS), internationally recognised for its research into global challenges such as food security, bioenergy and sustainability, and climate change. It is also home to the National Plant Phenomics Centre, and the BEACON Centre of Excellence for Biorefining. The summer institute will provide students with comprehensive knowledge of land-use and agricultural production systems focusing on livestock agriculture, arable land use, and conservation.  

Students selected to participate in the 2022 Aberystwyth University Institute were: Nicholas Blumenthal from the University of Florida, Kathryn Cates from University of Maryland, Alyssa Cortez from Arizona State University, Grace Goodpasture from Roanoke College, Richie Holmberg from University of South Carolina, Jazmine Rud from University of Pennsylvania, Alexandria (Alex) Speak from Mississippi State University and Autumn Sylvestri from North Carolina State University.

University of Bristol Summer Institute

This University of Bristol Institute programme hosted six Fulbright students who attended courses on the theme of social justice, activism and art.

As well as undertaking classes during their three-week Institute, students also had the chance to learn about the city of Bristol and the culture, heritage and history of the UK.

Participants selected for 2022 were: Armour Armoni from Georgetown University, Gianell Lopez from American University, Washington, DC., Arias, Shivam Patel from East Tennessee State University, Karlee Resler-Seek from at the University of Missouri-Columbia and Matt Tessema from Virginia Commonwealth University

Fulbrighter, Danielle Hjerpe has also arrived in Bristol for her program. After being selected to take part in the University of Bristol Social Activism Summer Institute in 2020, she completed it virtually in 2021, and has now been invited back as the only participant to take part in the Bristol Biomedical Sciences Lab Summer Institute, which focuses on three main academic themes: biomedical sciences techniques, exploring the systems of the body, and clinical and scientific inquiry. 

Queen's University Belfast Summer Institute

Three Fulbright students spent two weeks at Queen’s University Belfast, the majority of which they were a part of the University’s Irish Studies, Conflict Transformation and Education for Transformation Summer Schools.

In addition to learning from leading academics about Northern Ireland in terms of its national and international political, economic and cultural relationships, students explored the theme of Understanding Ireland: Northern Perspectives.

Selected participants for 2022 were: Maria Cornejo-Terry from Arizona State University, Morgan Dent from University of Cincinnati and Benjamin (Ben) Randall from Colorado State University

Fulbright UCL Summer Institute

The Fulbright UK UCL Summer Institute gives students from universities around the world the opportunity to live in central London and experience life as a UCL student for 3 weeks in July 2022. Participants can choose between four different modules in the area of Geography and the Built Environment which include ‘Climate Change and Sustainability in Practice’, ‘Energy and Future Cities: Innovating London’s Architecture’, ‘Global London: Contemporary Urbanism, Culture and Space’, and ‘Urban Environmental Politics’. 

Selected participants for 2022 were: Taylor Ferreira from Bryn Mawr College and Emily Myers from Franklin and Marshall College.

We met with Emily during her Fulbright Summer Institute to find out how she was getting on. She said:

“As a low-income, first-generation college student, I never really had the opportunity to travel abroad, or even much in the United States. So having this opportunity has really helped to push me out of my comfort zone and experience  a new culture, meet new people, and become a more independent and resilient person. The best part of my time in the UK so far has definitely been meeting a diverse range of people. Back home, I come from a very small town that’s very homogeneous, but coming here I’ve met people from Greece, from Switzerland and all over the world and been able to experience the diversity that is here in the UK, and learn together and grow together during our time here."

Scotland Summer Institute at the University of Strathclyde and the Glasgow School of Art

The University of Strathclyde and the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow hosted ten students who left with a unique perspective on its pioneering role in technology and innovation.

Students selected to participate on the 2022 Institute were: Rafael Alfonso from Marshall University, Tuere Cunningham from Whitman College, Reese Dunne from Mississippi State University, Kyle Kalmar from Syracuse University, Zander Gabriel Lichosik from Ball State University, Claudia Linczer from University of Notre Dame, Amy Liu from Franklin & Marshall College, Victoria Nguyen from Carnegie Mellon University, Rebecca Parnell from Ball State University and Mackenzie Weidel from Villanova University.