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09 September 2021

Commission remembers the events of 9/11

On Saturday we remember those who tragically lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks twenty years ago.

September 11 was an attack on freedom, justice and civil society, and its perpetrators stood against values of liberty, equality and diversity. We remember the victims, and we hold in our thoughts those who continue to mourn the loved ones they lost.

To commemorate 9/11, Fulbrighter Adam Swayne offers a personal musical memorial, in a concert held at Wigmore Hall at 1pm on September 11th. Deputy Head of Keyboard Music at Royal Northern College of Music, Adam is truly transatlantic in his outlook, and committed to mark to the twentieth anniversary of the events, bringing together a diverse group of US composers and musicians.

He completed his Fulbright Award to the US at Northwestern University, where he came to specialise in American composers. The award saw him immersed in US culture and communities, the experience staying with him and strongly influencing his career. He regularly travels to the US, and collaborates with US musicians across the country – from symphony orchestras in Chicago to folk activists in South Carolina. He records on the Coviello label and the artist royalties of his commemorative album, 9/11:20, will go to the US-UK Fulbright Commission.

International education exchange is many things: it is investment in people, advancement of human knowledge and promotion of civic engagement across society. It is also the development of compassionate leadership. Compassion is at the heart of cultural exchange, where individuals encounter the other, and actively build a bridge of trust and mutual understanding. A world with compassion is one that never again suffers such a tragedy as 9/11.