Cyber Security

The Fulbright Cyber Security Award covers a three-to-six month project to research, pursue professional development, or assess best practice in cyber security at any US institution.

The rise of internet technology has transformed the daily lives of people for the better. From education and commerce to health care and national security, cyberspace touches on nearly every sector.

As the internet has grown, however, its fragility and vulnerabilities have become evident: corporations, government agencies, national infrastructure and individuals have all been victims of cyber-attacks. That is why securing cyberspace and maintaining an open, interoperable, secure, and reliable Internet is vital to our economy and security.

This award was announced in January 2015 as part of a package of increased US-UK cyber security cooperation discussed on the visit of then-Prime Minister David Cameron to the White House.

In exchange for being hosted at an institution, scholars can be a resource for US institutions by offering to speak to students and faculty about cyber security policy and practice in the UK.

Research areas could include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Models of industrial cyber security
  • Means to effectively manage the risk of cyber threats to critical national infrastructure
  • The freedom of the internet and cyber security
  • Quantifying cyber risk
  • Improving our ability to identify and report cyber incidents
  • The Internet of Things and cyber security
  • Mechanisms to improve personal cyber security

Research outputs should produce benefits of significance to the larger cyber security community.

Grant amount

  • $5,000 per month

This funding is intended as a contribution towards institutional fees, accommodation, and general maintenance costs while in the US.

Up to 2 awards will be offered.