University of Manchester Distinguished Chair

The Fulbright University of Manchester Distinguished Chair contributes to the intellectual life of the university through seminars, public lectures and curriculum development in any discipline within the Faculty of Humanities.

The University of Manchester is a university of world firsts and academic discoveries – from Ernest Rutherford splitting the atom, to creating the first stored-program computer.

Currently the university has three Nobel Laureates on its staff, more than at any other UK university, including Professors Sir Andre Geim and Sir Konstantin Novoselov, joint winners of the 2010 Nobel Prize for Physics for their revolutionary work with graphene.

The University is also home to the likes of multi-award-winning writer Jeanette Winterson (Professor of Creative Writing), renowned historian Michael Wood (Professor of Public History), and includes Benedict Cumberbatch CBE among its successful alumni.

Manchester is one of the world’s most popular, vibrant and multicultural cities: the birthplace of the industrial revolution, feminism and vegetarianism. Voted the most liveable city in the UK (Economist Intelligence Unit) for four years running, and the only UK city to feature in the New York Times list of places to visit (2015) – Manchester is an inspirational city.

Home to a number of eminent authors and poets, and the annual Manchester Literature Festival, Manchester became the 26th UNESCO City of Literature in October 2017.


Grant amount

  • £27,500
  • Up to £1,000 monthly housing allowance

This funding is intended as a contribution towards US-UK travel, institutional fees, and general maintenance costs while in the UK.