College Day FAQ

The US-UK Fulbright Commission's College Day is an ideal way to learn more about studying an undergraduate degree in the US, and to meet with admissions officers from top US schools. Our guide helps you get the most out of attending the event. 

About the event


Q: What is USA College Day? 

USA College Day offers students and parents the unique opportunity to meet with representatives from US universities in London and speak with educational service providers. Held annually for more than 40 years, USA College Day is the largest American university fair in the UK and attracts more than 165 university exhibitors. 

Q: Where will this year's event be held? How do I get there?

College Day is held at the ILEC Conference Centre (47 Lillie Road, London, SW6 1UD) located in Central London. It is easily accessible via London's public transport network and is located less than a five-minute walk from West Brompton station. For travel within Central London, please see Transport for London’s journey planner

If you are unable to travel by public transport, ILEC Conference Centre has a car park on site. The standard rates are posted here, but attendees can speak to the staff at reception for a discounted rate.

Q: Which universities will be exhibiting at College Day this year?

You can see all of the universities that attended College Day 2019, with full academic and admissions information, in our College Day university search or view them (with a brief description) on our interactive map. The full list of exhibitors for College Day 2020 will be finalised in summer 2020.

Q: How should I prepare for the event?

To get the most out of College Day, you should spend time before the day reviewing our Study in the US undergraduate pages.  

Q:  Do I need to bring anything with me?


You may also wish to bring a notebook and pen. Note that security bag searches will be in effect and large bags and luggage will not be allowed in the venue. You can review our security policy here

Q: When should I arrive?

We recommend arriving around 30 minutes before your slot and you will wait outside the venue to enter. This time can be used to read through the event programme and plan your time in the fair.

If you miss your entry time on the day of the event, you can queue for day-of registrations. However, you will only be granted entry if capacity allows and entry is not guaranteed, so you should arrive promptly for the time on your ticket.

Q: Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes. If you would like to discuss specific access needs, please email

Q: I can't attend the event. What should I do?

If you cannot attend, please check the extensive advice on our Study in the USA webpages. We host a variety of webinars and seminars throughout the year - all upcoming events are posted on our events page.  

Q: I am a student/parent/adviser interested in attending College Day. Do I need to register in advance?

Yes! To receive free entry to College Day, each person in your party must register on Eventbrite. If you are a teacher/adviser registering a school group, please be aware that all students will be required to register in advance of the event. Please have each student register for the time slot when your group is arriving. If you are absolutely unable to have students register in advance, your students will need to register on the way to the venue, which they can do directly on their mobile phones. You will need to email us at to estimate the number in your party and receive instructions on how students can register before the event. 

Q: How much does it cost to attend?

College Day is free if you pre-register. 

Q: How many tickets should I register for?

Each individual person in your party will need to register on Eventbrite. If you do not register, you will not be admitted to the event. If you are a teacher/adviser registering a school group, please see the instructions above. Please do not submit multiple registrations under your name in Eventbrite. 

Q: Can I register to attend on Friday and on Saturday? Is there a difference between the Friday and Saturday sessions?

You should only select ONE entry time into the fair on either Friday or Saturday. Because College Day has sold out in previous years, we have extended the event to cover both Friday and Saturday to help ensure all students who are interested in attending have the chance to do so. The event on Friday will be in the exact same format as the event on Saturday, with the same exhibitors. To accommodate all interested students, your ticket will only allow you entry to the fair for your two designated hours. It is important that you select your two-hour time block intentionally. 

Q: I would like to stay for longer than two hours - can I register for multiple time slots?

In order to make sure everyone who wants to attend can, your ticket will only allow you entry to the fair for two hours. Previous attendees reported that two hours was more than enough time to speak to all of the exhibitors they wanted to. To make the most of your time at College Day, you should arrive promptly for your entry time and be as prepared as possible. 

Q: I understand that I should only register for one entry time slot, but what will happen if I register for more than one entry slot?

If you register for more than one entry slot, we will notify you by email that you have done so and will ask you which time slot you would prefer. We will then cancel the other ticket so other students will have the opportunity to attend. If you do not respond to our email within 72 hours, we will cancel one of your tickets and notify you which one is still valid. 

Q: I am interested in postgraduate study in the US. Should I attend College Day?

College Day is predominantly an undergraduate study in the US fair. As university representatives are usually undergraduate admissions officers and recent alumni, they may be unable to answer specific questions that you have about postgraduate study or the postgraduate admissions process. 

The Fulbright Commission hosts PostgradUSA seminars throughout the year. These seminars are tailored to postgraduate study in the US and covers application components, admissions exams, choosing the right programme and funding opportunities, including the Fulbright postgraduate scholarships. Please check our website for more information on upcoming PostgraUSA seminars or sign-up to be notified for upcoming events. We will also host an LLM fair with US university reps from LLM programmes on 7 November - find more information here.