About the US-UK Fulbright Commission

What we do

  • We award Fulbright grants to American and British students seeking to do a postgraduate degree or research across the Atlantic and to American and British scholars – and mid-career professionals -- seeking to do research or teach in each other’s country.
  • We partner with the Sutton Trust to support high achieving state school students from low income families across the UK explore the possibility of US study and apply for admission to top US universities and comprehensive financial aid.
  • We work with UK universities to bring bright American undergraduates who have never been abroad to a four to five-week themed summer schools in the UK.
  • We partner with EducationUSA to offer programmes, events and advice for UK students interested in studying at accredited higher education institutions in the USA.

Discover more about what we do in our Strategic Plan 2020-23.

Our vision

A world where there are no obstacles to learning, understanding and collaboration.

Our mission

We advance knowledge, promote civic engagement and develop compassionate leaders through education exchange between the peoples of the US and the UK.

Our values

  • Inquisitive: we embrace continual learning and believe in the power of education to change lives and communities 
  • Scrupulous and considerate: we are committed to transparent, fair and respectful practices. 
  • Collaborative: we seek out connections and partnerships
  • Inclusive: we aim to represent and support the diversity – in all its dimensions - of both the UK and the US
  • Entrepreneurial: we are creative thinkers and experimenters
  • Enthused: we are passionate about our work and celebrate each other