The US Administration has submitted a budget proposal that would result in a 71% cut to the Fulbright Programme for Fiscal Year 2019.

Last year, the international Fulbright alumni network stood together and campaigned against a proposal to cut the Fulbright Programme by 47%. Although that Federal Budget is not yet passed, with bi-partisan support across both Houses, we are reasonably confident that the Fulbright Programme’s funding for 2018 fiscal year will come through.

However, the Administration is threatening to cut the 2019 Budget.

We need your help once again to Stand for Fulbright and act against any cut, to protect the programme for future years.

If you are a US citizen, please log onto the Fulbright Association’s website and access the Association’s advocacy platform which includes a sample letter and phone script, and sends your message directly to your Congressional representatives electronically. We ask that you sign the petition there as well. The process only takes a few minutes and has a real impact on the future of the Fulbright Programme.

For our UK alumni, you can sign the petition with the address of your sponsoring institution and urge your American friends to advocate loudly for the programme. UK alumni and supporters can follow the three steps on the Fulbright Association website to help ensure your voice is heard: contacting the US ambassador to the UK and the UK ambassador in the US, contacting your US university president and telling the Association your Fulbright story. 

More information about all of these steps is on the Fulbright Association website.  

Please take action now to save the Fulbright Programme.