The US-UK Fulbright Commission aims to maintain and foster connections amongst alumni of all the programmes we offer. 

UK Fulbright Alumni Network

There are several alumni networks available for those individuals who received a Fulbright Award or were an undergraduate Summer Institute/SUSI (formerly called USSI) programme participant from the US-UK Fulbright Commission, including the UK Fulbright Alumni Network

Sutton Trust US Programme Alumni

The Sutton Trust in partnership with the US-UK Fulbright Commission runs a US Programme to give bright, non-privileged state school students interested in attending a US university, a preview of life on a US campus and support in making high quality undergraduate applications to the US. Since its inception in 2012, over 200 programme participants have been accepted into US universities accessing $50 million in funding. Find out more about this programme and its alumni.

EducationUSA Advisees

The Fulbright Advisory Service provides information on and promotes US-UK exchange.

As part of the EducationUSA network of over 400 advising centres worldwide, our advisors are the UK's official source of information on educational exchange opportunities in the US. We aim to provide accurate, unbiased information about all accredited US higher education institutions.

EducationUSA advisees are students who are currently studying or recently have attended a university in the USA and have used our advising services. These students are pursuing various levels of study - from short-term exchanges through to doctoral degrees. They highlight the breadth of degrees and fields of study on offer in the States, as well as the types of universities available to choose from. We hope you find their stories inspirational and helpful as you investigate study in the States. Meet our Advisees.

Additional Alumni Associations

In addition to the UK Fulbright Alumni Network, there are also several other additional networks open to any other Fulbright alumni who currently reside in the UK. Fulbrighters are encouraged to join these additional alumni associations.