Pembroke College and Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford - Visiting Professorship and Fellowship

The Fulbright Pembroke College Oxford Visiting Professorship contributes to the intellectual life of the college through seminars, public lectures and curriculum development in any discipline related to politics and international relations.

During their three-month award, the Fulbright Visiting Professor will be expected to design a one-term (8-week) program of academic activities, attractive also to a wider audience, that is connected broadly to the political, diplomatic or general legacy of Senator Fulbright. Dates of Oxford terms can be found here. The hosts are open to applications for any of the university’s three terms but applicants may wish to consider coming for the summer term, which normally starts at about the same time as the Spring Semester ends in many US universities.

It is expected that the Fulbright Visiting Professor will engage with students and faculty at both the University of Oxford Department of Politics and International Relations and at Pembroke College.

Grant benefits

  • Stipend of £4,500 a month for the 3-month duration of the award
  • Accommodation suitable for a couple or individual only, for the duration of one of Oxford’s three academic terms
  • Meals for Visiting Professor at the College (partners may dine at their expense)
  • £1,000 towards the cost of the seminar series
  • 30 hours of logistical support

Candidates usually arrange to receive sabbatical pay while away to meet any additional expenses or are able to be in Oxford after their regular teaching obligations for the academic year have ended.