Before, during and after: our top tips

Getting ready to attend USA College Day? The key to success is to prepare well. See our tips below for before, during and after the event.

Before the event: get prepared

  • Research schools that will be at USA College Day using our university search. You can find the perfect match by refining your search by available majors, campus setting, types of funding, and other details important to you. Alternatively, you can see the full list (with links to their profiles) here.
  • Remember: well-known universities can be amongst the most competitive, with acceptance rates of less than 10%. There is a great variety of excellent universities at USA College Day that could be a perfect fit, so don't let yourself get hung up on just one or two.
  • Visit university websites and take notes to show you have done your research.
  • Plan which Application Bootcamp sessions you want to attend to learn more on a variety of topics, from sports scholarships to admissions tests to extracurriculars.
  • Check your email (and spam/junk folders) for your personalised link – it should come through by 6pm on Friday 24th September. You’ll need to accept your registration to gain access on Saturday.

On the day

  • Practice your introduction and prepare some great questions using our tips for choosing a university. Be sure to mention who you are, when you plan to enrol, and what majors you are interested in. Take advantage of the unique time that you as a student have to make connections with admissions and university staff.
    • This is your time to really show your interest, so if have specific questions about the course structure, campus life or curriculum style at a particular institution, make sure to ask them!
    • If access to funding is important to you, you'll want to get a really clear picture of each university's funding opportunities and how competitive you might be for them - this is something you should get to grips with before making your decisions about where to ultimately apply.
  • Charge your device before the fair and have a charger handy.
  • Make sure you have a notepad for taking notes.

At the fair

  • Turn your video on! If you're comfortable doing so, having your video switched on will make it easier for you to have a real conversation with university reps.
  • If you have a general question about the US application and admissions process, visit the EducationUSA adviser drop-in, running all day as part of the Application Bootcamp, covering the essentials on choosing, applying and finding funding. 
  • Attend any other relevant Application Bootcamp info sessions.
  • Visit the booths of at least five universities that you’ve not previously considered.

Speaking to reps and next steps

  • Be strategic! Many admissions officers will be decision makers/have scholarship money to give away – impress them!
  • Students should lead the conversation – this is 1000% more impactful than mum or dad asking all the questions.
  • Register your interest by clicking on the button in the booths.
  • Follow up after the fair with an email to the admissions representatives. College Day is a great opportunity to build relationships with admissions officers, so recap what you discussed and thank them for the information.
  • Start to make some decisions. Do your best to rule out universities that are not a good fit and begin to compile the information on universities you are excited about! Make use of our resources on applying.