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External Funding Bodies

Fulbright and EducationUSA bannersAfter assessing your personal and family savings and in addition to investigating university funding, you will want to explore scholarships from external funding bodies.


External funding bodies may include a wide range of professional, charitable or government organisations that have a vested interest in educating members of society. Often, scholarships from external funding bodies can be thought of as niche scholarships, as they may be based on very specific personal qualities outlined by the funding body in addition to academic merit or financial need. These qualities often correlate to the mission of the organisation and could include country of origin, ethnicity, religious faith, interest in a particular field, gender, interests, talents, etc.

Application Process

There are thousands of funding bodies. If you are unique in any way (and by simply being an international student, you will be!), there is likely a funding body with scholarships out there for you. You just have to find them.

Searching for external funding will require time and dedication on your part to look through online searches to find relevant scholarship opportunities. You will then submit a separate application for each scholarship. For that reason, we encourage students with time constraints to first make sure they are being considered for university funding opportunities.


These scholarships search engines are a great place to start your search for external funding bodies:

You may also want to look at these additional scholarship resources for more information:

We also pass along information from scholarship programmes on our monthly advising e-newsletter.

Please note, all scholarship information should be confirmed directly with the awarding body and/or university.