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I wanted more than just straight graphic design, and here, I can take a kickboxing class and have it count towards my degree! Plus you can't get school spirit in the UK like you do here!...

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Many students make the mistake of applying for admission first and then considering how to fund their studies. Do not be one of them. To avoid the disappointment of gaining admission but not having sufficient funding to take up your place, consider funding as you choose a university and explore funding options as you complete your applications in the autumn / winter.

Sources of Funding

Generally speaking, there are four types of funding for study in the US:

  1. Personal / family savings- no matter how large or small! Even if you receive significant funding, you may have to pay for your visa or airfare before you receive a scholarship cheque.
  2. Loans from a US or UK lender
  3. Scholarships from US universities
  4. Scholarships from external funding bodies
  5. Sports scholarships

As the cost of higher education increases in both the US and UK, it is important for parents and students to know what costs to expect and to develop a plan to cover these. Finding funding for undergraduate study in the US is a challenge for both American and international students alike. The key is starting early, choosing universities appropriately and putting in the necessary time and effort to seek out and apply for scholarships. Also keep in mind you will need to demonstrate access to funding for the first year of study in order to apply for a visa.

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