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Choosing a University: US State Information

Map of US

Thinking about studying in the US but unsure about the differences between regions? Check out the links below to explore multiple aspects of America's 50 states.  


Illinois: State InformationGovernment of IllinoisUniversity InformationTourism Website, Illinois Pinterest

Indiana: State InformationGovernment of IndianaUniversity InformationTourism Website, Indiana Pinterest

Iowa: State InformationGovernment of IowaUniversity InformationTourism Website, Iowa Pinterest

Kansas: State InformationGovernment of KansasUniversity InformationTourism Website, Kansas Pinterest

Michigan: State InformationGovernment of MichiganUniversity InformationTourism Website, Michigan Pinterest

Wisconsin football game

Minnesota: State InformationGovernment of MinnesotaUniversity InformationTourism Website, Minnesota Pinterest

Missouri: State InformationGovernment of MissouriUniversity InformationTourism Website, Missouri Pinterest

Nebraska: State InformationGovernment of NebraskaUniversity InformationTourism Website, Nebraska Pinterest

North Dakota: State InformationGovernment of North DakotaUniversity Information,Tourism Website, North Dakota Pinterest

Ohio: State InformationGovernment of OhioUniversity InformationTourism Website, Ohio Pinterest

South Dakota: State InformationGovernment of South DakotaUniversity InformationTourism Website, South Dakota Pinterest

Wisconsin: State InformationGovernment of WisconsinUniverstiy InformationTourism Website, Wisconsin Pinterest



Connecticut: State InformationGovernment of ConnecticutUniversity InformationTourism Website, Connecticut Pinterest

Delaware: State InformationGovernment of DelawareUniversity InformationTourism Website, Delaware Pinterest

Student at Goucher College, Maryland

District of Columbia: District InformationGovernment of D.C.University InformationTourism Website, District of Columbia Pinterest

Maine: State InformationGovernment of MaineUniversity InformationTourism Website, Maine Pinterest

Maryland: State InformationGovernment of MarylandUniversity InformationTourism Website, Maryland Pinterest

Massachusetts: State InformationGovernment of MassachusettsUniversity InformationTourism Website, Massachusetts Pinterest

New Hampshire: State Information,Government of New HampshireUniversity InformationTourism Website, New Hampshire Pinterest

New Jersey: State InformationGovernment of New JerseyUniversity InformationTourism Website, New Jersey Pinterest

New York: State InformationGovernment of New YorkUniversity InformationTourism Website, New York Pinterest

Pennsylvania: State InformationGovernment of PennsylvaniaUniversity InformationTourism Website, Pennsylvania Pinterest

Rhode Island: State InformationGovernment of Rhode IslandUniversity InformationTourism Website, Rhode Island Pinterest

Vermont: State InformationGovernment of VermontUniversity InformationTourism Website, Vermont Pinterest



Alabama: State Information, Government of Alabama, University Information, Tourism Website, Alabama Pinterest

Arkansas: State Information, Government of Arkansas, University Information, Tourism Website, Arkansas Pinterest

Florida: State Information, Government of Florida, University Information, Tourism Website, Florida Pinterest

Georgia: State Information, Government of Georgia, University Information, Tourism Website, Georgia PinterestAlabama football game

Kentucky: State Information, Government of Kentucky, University Information, Tourism Website, Kentucky Pinterest

Louisiana: State Information, Government of Louisiana, University Information, Tourism Website, Louisiana Pinterest

Mississippi: State Information, Government of Mississippi, University Information, Tourism Website, Mississippi Pinterest

North Carolina: State Information, Government of North Carolina, University Information, Tourism Website, North Carolina Pinterest

South Carolina: State Information, Government of South Carolina, University Information, Tourism Website, South Carolina Pinterest

Tennessee: State Information, Government of Tennessee, University Information, Tourism Website, Tennessee Pinterest

Virginia: State Information, Government of Virginia, University Information, Tourism Website, Virginia Pinterest

West Virginia: State Information, Government of West Virginia, University Information, Tourism Website, West Virginia Pinterest



Arizona: State InformationGovernment of ArizonaUniversity InformationTourism Website, Arizona Pinterest

Grand Canyon Arizona

New Mexico: State InformationGovernment of New MexicoUniverstiy InformationTourism Website, New Mexico Pinterest

Oklahoma: State InformationGovernment of OklahomaUniversity InformationTourism Website, Oklahoma Pinterest

Texas: State InformationGovernment of TexasUniversity InformationTourism Website, Texas Pinterest


Alaska: State InformationGovernment of AlaskaUniverstiy InformationTourism Website, Alaska Pinterest

California: State InformationGovernment of CaliforniaUniversity InformationTourism Website, California Pinterest

Colorado: State InformationGovernment of ColoradoUniversity InformationTourism WebsiteStudy Colorado, Colorado Pinterest

Hawai'i: State Information, Government of HawaiiUniversity InformationTourism Website, Hawai'i Pinterest

Universtiy of Oregon football game

Idaho: State InformationGovernment of IdahoUniversity InformationTourism Website, Idaho Pinterest

Montana: State InformationGovernment of MontanaUniversity InformationTourism Website, Montana Pinterest

Nevada: State InformationGovernment of NevadaUniversity InformationTourism Website, Nevada Pinterest

Oregon: State InformationGovernment of OregonUniversity InformationTourism Website, Oregon Pinterest

Utah: State InformationGovernment of Utah,University InformationTourism Website, Utah Pinterest

Washington: State InformationGovernment of WashingtonUniversity InformationTourism Website, Washington Pinterest

Wyoming: State InformationGovernment of WyomingUniversity InformationTourism Website, Wyoming Pinterest

Please note, Fulbright has created this page as a helpful guide. Some states may not have a comprehensive lists of universities within that state. In that instance, you may want to see the university search engines we provide on the choosing resources page of our website.