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I could not let this amazing opportunity go! It was the best experience - I met some of my best friends, went on fabulous field trips and would definitely do it all over again!...

Meet Sarah Jones
at Oregon State University

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Short-Term Study

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Want to study in the US? Not sure if you’re ready to go for a full undergraduate or postgraduate degree? Short-term study may be for you.

Short-term study programmes may last for a summer, semester or entire academic year and allow UK students to study in the USA without the obligation of completing a full degree programme. Short-term programmes are available at all levels, from school to postdoctoral level and can be a taster experience to see if you want to pursue longer-term study in the USA.

Read on for more about:
  • Undergraduate-level Programmes 
  • Postgraduate/Postdoctoral study and Research 
  • Pre-university / High School Exchange Programmes
  • Internships and Summer Work / Travel

The Commission also offers Awards for study and research at the postgraduate and postdoctoral levels. EducationUSA also has information on their website about short-term study.