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I chose an international affairs programme in Washington DC to be at the heart of global debates on foreign policy, and to interact with leading practitioners and academics in the field....

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at Georgetown University

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Application Timeline

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Ideally, the process of applying for postgraduate study in the US will begin 1-1½ years before enrolment. For example, for current university students on a three-year course, this is at the end of their second year of university or beginning of their third year.

Do not panic if you are late getting started in this process. If it is the autumn before you anticipate enrolling in a US university, there is still plenty of time to apply. You will simply need to work at a faster pace!

For students wishing to begin Spring semester, please see our January Admissions page.

Getting Started: 1-1½ Years Before Enrolment (Spring - Second Year)

Applying: 10-12 Months Before Enrolment (Autumn - Third Year)

Deadlines (Late Autumn/Early Spring - Third Year)

Lead up to Enrolment (Spring/Summer)