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I enjoy how even when I leave the lab and walk out the building at the end of the day my learning doesn't stop....

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Preparing for Admissions Exams

Students in a lecture hallTake time to thoroughly prepare for your admissions exams, as they are an important part of the admissions criteria for US universities. American applicants to the most competitive US universities will typically have invested a significant amount of time into preparation, and this is reflected by strong scores. You should plan to create a revision programme and sit several full mock exams to get a feel for the timing and structure of the test.

Several common preparation strategies include:

  1. Making use of study materials and sample tests on the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT and DAT websites. For example, ETS provides samples of the new kinds of questions on the GRE General Test.
  2. Test tutors: If you need additional assistance as you apply for US study, you may wish to consider contacting one of the organisations on our resources page. These test tutors and educational consultants offer a higher level of personalised, additional support and services to help you prepare for admission exams and complete a competitive application.
  3. There are also print guides to the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT and DAT. There is no one "best" test preparation guide for these admissions exams. Rather, you will need to choose a book or method that suits your learning needs and preferences. For example, some students prefer a step-by-step review through the concepts for each section and discussion of example problems, whereas other students prefer to have as many full tests as possible to practice.