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LSAT - JD in Law

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Who Takes It: For the JD three-year degree in American law, you will likely be required to take the LSAT. The LSAT is not for LLM (master's in Law) programmes.

Format: This paper-based test consists of five 35-minute sections of multiple-choice questions that measure critical thinking, reasoning, logic and reading comprehension skills.

Dates: The next LSAT test dates in the UK are as follows:

For test dates later in 2017, check the Law School Admission Council website.

Testing Sites: Ironmonger's Hall (London); St. Mary Abbots Hall (London)

Cost: $180 USD basic fee 

Registration: You can register for the LSAT online.

How it's Used in Admissions: It is very important to do well on the LSAT, as it assesses the skills that law schools have deemed important for success. The average LSAT score of the previous year’s admitted class is a good indicator of your chances of admission.

How to Prepare: There are a wide variety of test preparation materials available in both online and hard copy formats. See our section on preparation for more information.

Students with Disabilities: Special accommodations may be arranged for taking most admissions exams. For the LSAT, contact LSAC to request an Accommodations Request Packet.

More Information: For more information on testing sites, dates and registration, please visit the LSAT website or contact the LSAC. You may also want to download our handout on Legal Education in the US.