Further Assistance

College Day, one of the events organised by Fulbright

Our advisors are happy to help! However, with over 10,000 UK students going to the US each year and a team of 3, we encourage you to first take advantage of the extensive advising information in the Study in the USAinternships in the USAand FAQs sections of this website.

Want more information? Attend one of our upcoming events. Our undergraduate study seminars and USA Grad School Day workshops will give you an in-depth look at applying to American universities. Unable to attend one of our in-person undergraduate or postgraduate study seminars? You can watch recorded webinars of our full seminar events as well as specialised topics.

Wondering where to get started? Watch our advisors walk you through the admissions process in our 'Getting Started' pre-recorded webinar.

If after reviewing the information provided above you still have a specific enquiry that has not been addresed, feel free to contact our advising team. Before you call, please be aware that there are certain things that we may not be able to answer.

Enquries that are better suited to other organisations:

Enquiries we can help you with:

Please feel free to contact our advising team. You can reach us via phone 0845 894 9524 (Tuesdays 1:30 - 5 pm and Thursdays 1:30 - 5 pm); via email – advising@fulbright.org.uk; or in-person at events..

If you need additional assistance as you apply for US study beyond what our staff are able to provide, you may wish to consider contacting one of the organisations of test tutors and educational consultants on our Resources page.

There are many organisations and individuals in the UK who can help you prepare applications to American universities. Many of our partner organisations offer one-on-one support to students who are searching for and applying to universities in the USA.  Visit our pages on undergraduate test tutors and educational consultants and postgraduate resources. These tutors and consultants offer a higher level of personalised, additional support and services to help you prepare for admission exams and complete a competitive application. You can also search for educational consultants online.