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Enquiries and FAQs

Fulbright answering questions

We are happy to assist with your questions. However, with over 10,000 UK students going to the US each year and a team of 3, we encourage you to first take advantage of the extensive advising information in the Study in the USA and FAQs sections of this website.


For answers to commonly asked questions, please see our:

Further Visa Enquiries

Please note our staff is not trained to handle specific enquiries related to visas in the US. If you cannot find the answer to your visa enquiry in the link above, general information is included on the following pages:

For specific visa enquiries, information is available on the US Embassy in London website or please call their helpline. 

Further Assistance

For further enquiries beyond what is covered on the website and the above FAQs (only), please visit our further assistance page.