Resources on the UK Educational System

General Information on the UK System

Our staff are glad to serve as a resource for information on the UK educational system and qualifications for US universities. The UK is currently experiencing a period of transition in terms of secondary qualiications: GCSEs, A Levels and Scottish qualifications are all being reformed.

We have collated the below information to help guide you through these changes. For a broad overview of the UK educational system, please see our EducationUSA country fact sheet.

Changes to UK Qualifications

Secondary qualifications are changing across the UK. The British government has published timelines for GCSE and AS/A Level reforms in England.

There is also information available on the new grading system for GCSEs.

Below we have collated information from the various exam boards in England, as well as from the Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh qualification boards in response to the various changes.


Cambridge International Examinations





Northern Irish Qualifications

Scottish Qualifications

Welsh Qualifications

Credential Verification

If you need to verify an institution or qualification is nationally-recognised, see the Register of Regulated Qualifications or the list of recognised higher education institutions.

We also provide estimations for converting A Level and university results to a US GPA. (However, please note we are not official credential evaluators and the conversation we provide are rough estimates and should not be used for official purposes.)

Further Assistance

For further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact the advising team by emailing