Partnership Opportunities

We join in partnership with organisations and individuals in the following ways:

Sponsoring a Scholar

University Partnerships

Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Fulbright Scholars Hosted by Glasgow School of Art

Support the Fulbright Programme – Sponsor a Scholar

For more than 60 years, the US-UK Fulbright awards programme - the most competitive in the world - has been facilitating life-changing opportunities for the brightest and best to study in each other’s country. In so doing, the Commission has continued to renew and strengthen the “special relationship”. Core government funding has not kept pace with rising costs, and the Commission struggles to meet demand, turning away many exceptional and deserving applicants for scholarships each year.

With the US Ambassador as our Honorary Chair, we are increasingly reaching out to individuals and companies who would like to support the next generation of Fulbright Scholars, providing the wherewithal for them to transform their lives, setting them on a trajectory as future leaders. 

If you are interested in sponsoring a scholar, please contact Penny Egan, Executive Director.

Fulbright Awards: University Partnerships

The Commission has developed a number of co-sponsored partnership awards with top universities, research charities and philanthropic organisations and individuals on both sides of the Atlantic.

If you or your institution is interested in working with Fulbright to support students, academics, university administrators, police or civil servants, please contact Penny Egan, Executive Director, or Amy Moore, Fulbright Programme Director, to start the conversation. 

Other Fulbright Programme Partnership Opportunities

There are many other ways that individuals and organisations can support the Fulbright Programme. We work with organisations to provide added-value to our Scholars' Fulbright Year, design sponsored research programmes and provide scholars with outstanding cultural enrichment opportunities. Contact Amy Moore, Fulbright Programme Director, for more information. 

Advising Event Sponsorship

The Commission runs a number of high profile events and lectures each year for Fulbright alumni and other VIPs and enjoy working in collaboration with like-minded organisations. Please contact Penny Egan for more information.

Additionally, we are always looking for sponsors to support our popular College Day event, which attracts over 4,700 attendees each year. For more information contact Penny Egan, Executive Director or email

Lastly, we are always looking for sponsors to support our popular Grad School Day events, which attracts over 400 perspective postgraduate attendees each year. For more information contact Penny Egan, Executive Director or email contact