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Mission Possible: Get Your US Student Visa

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The first step to preparing to go to the US is to get your visa. Generally speaking, the process for UK citizens to apply for a visa to study in the US is straightforward if you complete the necessary forms and steps in a timely and accurate manner. You may be interested to know the US Department of State and US Embassy London welcome visa applications from international students. In fact, the US Department of State issued 928,352 student, exchange and vocational visas in the fiscal year 2013. This translates to a worldwide acceptance rate of over 86%.

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Note: This page is meant to be a general guide to the visa application process. Local US Embassies are the official source of information on visas, and any information provided to you by the US Embassy supersedes information on this webpage.


For more information on visas visit the US State Department website. They have sections on  

F Visas and J Visas. You may also want to review the information provided by the US Embassy in London. Additionally, talk with your US university or visa sponsor for further information. If you are not a UK citizen, we encourage you to also read the US Embassy London's webpage on visas for non-residents.