Although filing US taxes may not be the most exciting thing you do during your time abroad, it is still something you have to keep in mind. All F and J visa holders, as well as any dependents accompanying them to the US, are required to file a US federal tax return form, whether or not they have earned any income in the US. Filing tax forms does not necessarily mean you have to pay taxes.

Please note that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the official source of information about US taxes, and your university’s international office will be a great resource when filing for taxes.  Any information the IRS or your international office provide will supersede what is on this webpage. This webpage is meant merely to provide a starting point for your own research into tax issues in the US and is not in any way meant to be taken as official tax advice.

Read on for information about the different types of taxes, FAQs for filing taxes, and tax forms.