Living Arrangements

The prospect of living at an American university can be incredibly exciting, yet also daunting. Many American films have popularised the idea of dorm life, but what can you really expect? After a long day of studying, spending free time on campus, or after a weekend trip to another state, you want to return to the place you’re happy to call your new home.

Most universities will offer both on-campus and off-campus housing, so read through and see which one sounds best for you. In some cases, only one option may be available. With important tips from all aspects of living, from sharing a room to signing a lease agreement, this section is designed to familiarise you with the new experiences you’ll encounter as a resident of American university life.

There are some differences in UK and US English related to housing, so read through to make sure you're fully prepared.

• Dorm: Dormitory or dorm in the US is equivalent to a hall of residence in the UK.
• Hall: Your hall in the US is the equivalent to your corridor in the UK.
• Suite: A suite is comprised of several adjoining rooms which usually have a shared facility such as a bathroom, kitchen or living room.
• Bathroom: In the United States, a bathroom includes a toilet, a sink and a bathtub or shower.
• A note about floors: In the US, the ground floor is known as the first floor. Thus, the European first floor is the second floor, etc.