Students walking on campus.

An orientation session will likely be scheduled before classes begin for all first year, transfer, study abroad and exchange students to introduce them to the campus and local area. Many universities hold additional sessions for international students prior to the first year and transfer student orientations. If possible, you should make every effort to attend the full orientation programme offered. This will be your best opportunity to get to know the campus and to make friends before classes even begin!

Dates and tentative schedule of the orientation programme should be included in the packet of information that you will receive from the university after you have accepted your place and paid a non-refundable deposit. Keep in mind that you can enter the US 30 days before the start of your academic programme, so you should have plenty of time to come early to attend orientation.

Typical orientation activities include:

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Some activities may be optional and although you may be tired from your journey, it is well worth getting involved, especially in those activities specifically for international students. This is your first chance to sense the atmosphere of your university and make friends with other new students who are sharing your experience, as well as complete several important administrative tasks. Orientation is a wonderful opportunity to learn about your university while getting your bearings and ensuring a smooth transition.