International Student Services

US universities embrace cultural differences and diversity, which is evident in their support for

International students marching with their national students. Almost all universities have an international student services organisation whose purpose is to make your transition to the US as easy as possible while celebrating your individual background and culture.

The international student office will be your best resource before you arrive in the US and throughout your time at university. They are there to help international students like you, so do not hesitate to send them an email or stop in the office if you have any enquiries. Many of their staff members will be from overseas or will have studied abroad, maybe even in the UK.

Before you depart for university in the US, they will be able to offer immigration advice and help with your visa application, documents and signing up for classes. Throughout your time at university, they can help you adjust by hosting seminars on American culture and answering general questions you may have about life on your campus or in your new community. 

The international student office will most likely be involved in the international student orientation if your university has one. They may coordinate other social events throughout the year for international students to get to know one another as well as other students on campus. They may also facilitate host family schemes, holiday gatherings and trips. Excursions to see baseball games with your fellow international students, or a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with a local host family are just two examples of the events your school’s International Student Services will help coordinate. The international student office may also plan events/socials like an international week or other cultural celebrations for both domestic and international students to sample cuisine, music and other aspects of different nations. Sound fun? Contact your international students office for more information on how to get involved!