Clubs and Organisations

The Radcliffe Society - Harvard's first all-women's choirMost universities will have hundreds of clubs for you to join based on varying interests and passions. From department clubs that offer lectures or networking in your field and campus leadership opportunities through student government to sports you can watch or even compete in and volunteer service, there is something for everyone! Joining clubs is also a great way to meet people and make friends—most clubs will also plan social gatherings and events based on a mutual interest. Typical clubs that exist on almost all university campuses include organisations for:

Most universities also encourage you to form new clubs if one does not already exist to match your specific interest. Anything—from painting to comic book appreciation—that brings students together can be the foundation of a club!

Most universities will post on their websites the list of clubs available along with the individual clubs’ websites. Sometimes this list can be found on the student activity office webpage. Some universities will have an activity fair during orientation or within the first week of classes for you to see what clubs are available and meet current members. Some organisations will post flyers or send alerts on Facebook for new-member meetings, so keep a lookout when you get to your campus.

Joining clubs is not only a way to pursue a passion or develop leadership skills, but most importantly it is a way to find like-minded people, make friends and find your place within your university. So what are you waiting for? Visit your university's website or activity fair to get involved!