Advanced Standing

Students studying outside on the quadMany US universities will award advanced standing for students who have done well at their A-levels, IB, the Pre-U or have completed postsecondary qualifications. 

As a general rule, a survey of our US university contacts suggested that many award credit for A-levels with A-B (and possibly Cs), with the majority awarding approximately 2 modules/classes or 6 hours of credit for full A-levels and 1 module or 3 hours of credit for subjects studied to AS-level only.

If your university is accustomed to receiving a large number of British students, they may have a published policy for how many credit hours or classes (modules) your A-levels or other qualifications are worth and what marks are required to earn this advanced standing.

For example, the University of Cambridge examinations body also maintains a database of American universities which publish recognition statements for their qualifications and where available, their policies for advanced standing. The IBO also publishes recognition policies and advanced standing for American universities, as well as a list of universities offering scholarships to IB students.

Please note these lists are not necessarily exhaustive and may evolve over time, so you should always ask your US university about their policy at the point of application as well as upon enrolment. 

Note: If the university does not have a published policy on advanced standing for your qualification, you may be asked to wait to discuss this with your academic advisor or department AFTER you have been admitted to the university but preferably before registering for classes.

Once admitted, you will provide your academic advisor with your transcript of predicted, or if already available, actual results. You may also want to send them a link to information about the syllabus from the testing body that marked your exam. You may wish to refer them to our For US Universities section for more information about qualifications.