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Frequently Asked Questions - USA College Day

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Q: What is USA College Day?

USA College Day offers students and parents the unique opportunity to meet with representatives from US universities in London, speak with educational service providers and attend a seminar about applying to US universities. In its 39th year, USA College Day is the largest American university fair in the UK. Attracting over 180 exhibitors each year, this event is not to be missed!

Q: Where will this year’s event be held? How do I get there?

This year’s event will be held at ILEC Conference Centre (47 Lillie Road, London, SW6 1UD) located in Central London! ILEC Conference Centre is easily accessible via London's public transport network and is less than a five minute walk from West Brompton station. If you are unable to come by public transport, ILEC Conference Centre has a car park. Parking rates will range from £5 to £17 depending upon your length of stay. For more detailed instructions or advice on accommodation, please read our Planning Your Journey page.

Q: I am a student/parent/advisor interested in attending College Day. Do I need to register in advance?

Yes. In order to receive free entry to College Day, each person in your party must pre-register. If you have not registered or if you miss your entry time on the day of the event, you can begin queuing for day-of registration from 6:00 pm onward on Friday or 1:30 pm onward on Saturday. However, you will be allowed entry only IF capacity allows. Thus, it is critical that you arrive promptly for your entry time.

Q: How much does it cost to attend?

College Day is free for those attendees who pre-register. If you would like to attend a seminar, this ticket is £5 and will include a 1-hour seminar which includes entry to the fair either before or after the seminar depending on the ticket you choose. Our seminars have consistently sold out every year. Thus, there is a very slim chance that there will be an opportunity to attend a seminar without registering in advance, and there is a fee of £5 per person for visitors wishing to attend the fair without pre-registering. Parking can cost an additional £5-£17 depending upon your length of stay.

Q: How many tickets should I register for?

Upon arrival at College Day, we will ask each individual interested in entering the event to have a ticket. Therefore, it is important that you register for one ticket for each person in your party. 

Q: May we register to attend College Day as a family?

Yes. Families may register as a group via the online registration system. However, through our registration system, students can opt to share their information with universities and partners that are a good fit for them. Therefore, each individual or group registration should only include one student. Families or groups with more than one student interested in the US should make sure each student registers separately.

Q: Can I register to attend on Friday AND on Saturday? Is there a difference between the Friday and Saturday sessions?

You should only select one entry time into the fair on EITHER Friday or Saturday. Because College Day has sold out in previous years, we have extended the event to cover both Friday and Saturday, in an effort to ensure that all students who are interested in attending the event have the opportunity to do so. The event on Friday evening will be in the exact same format as the event on Saturday, with the exact same exhibitors. In order to accommodate all interested students, your ticket will only allow you entry to the fair for your two designated hours. It is important that you select your two-hour time block intentionally.

Q: I would like to stay for longer than two hours - Can I register for multiple time slots?

In order to make sure that no one who wants to attend misses out, your ticket will only allow you entry to the fair for two hours. According to a survey from last year's attendees, the vast majority of attendees reported that two hours was more than enough time to speak to all of the exhibitors that they wanted to. In order to make the most of your time at College Day, we encourage you to arrive promptly for your entry time and to be as prepared as possible by taking advantage of the information we provide. If you find that you are not ready to leave when your two hours has elapsed, please speak to Fulbright staff at the exit to see if any additional time slots are available.

Q: I understand that I should only register for one entry time slot, but what will happen if I register for more than one entry slot?

If you register for more than one entry slot, we will notify you by email that you have done so and will ask which time slot you would prefer. We will then cancel the ticket you do not prefer, so that your fellow students can have the opportunity to attend. If you do not respond to our email within a week, we will cancel one of your tickets for you and notify you which ticket is still valid.

Q: What is the fair seminar?

The fair seminar aims to help you learn about the admissions process from experts in the field. This one-hour seminar offers an overview of the undergraduate admissions process, providing a step-by-step guide to the application process, admissions exams, choosing the right universities and funding opportunities. It is available for £5 per person. Those attendees who register for a fair seminar will include entry to the fair either before or after the seminar depending on the ticket chosen. Please DO NOT register separately for a fair only ticket.

Q: Where will the seminars take place?

All of the seminars will take place at the College Day venue, ILEC Conference Centre. Once you arrive at the venue, you will be ushered to the room where your seminar will take place according to which seminar group you are in. If you have any questions about where your seminar will be, you can ask Fulbright staff members who will be wearing red shirts for assistance. 

Q: What is the difference between the Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 seminar?

Because some seminars will take place concurrently, we have assigned different groups for the different locations at ILEC Conference Centre where the seminars will be taking place. The content of the seminars will be identical, and there is no advantage to registering for one group over the others.

Q: I have attended a Fulbright seminar throughout the year; should I still sign up for a fair seminar at College Day?

If you have attended one of our seminars throughout the year, it is likely that you will be familiar with the information presented at the College Day seminar. However, if you want a refresher for speaking with US university representatives, the seminar will still be useful. 

Q: I really wanted to attend the Undergraduate Study in the US seminar before College Day, but it's sold out! What should I do?

Thank you for your interest in our seminar. Unfortunately, we only have a limited number of seats in our seminars for USA College Day. We do not have a waitlist, but you are welcome to register for our next Undergraduate Study in the US seminar. Find out more information about the event here.

Q: I am an advisor/teacher and I am trying to register for USA College Day but the form requires a student name and email address. What should I do?

Please enter "N/A" under student name and student email address. All other questions will provide an "I am an advisor" option. This won't have any negative impact on your name badge.

Q: I am interested in postgraduate study in the US. Should I attend College Day?

College Day is predominantly an undergraduate study in the US fair, but prospective postgraduate students have attended in the past. As university representatives are usually undergraduate admissions officers and recent undergraduate alumni, they may be unable to answer specific questions that you have about their postgraduate courses and/or the postgraduate application process. However, half of exhibitors last year reported to us that they could speak knowledgeably about their university's postgraduate programmes. And all representatives can tell you what a university's campus climate or the local area in which it is situated is like. Additionally, representatives from Fulbright will also be available at the Fulbright Advising and Awards stands to answer questions about postgraduate study in the US and the Fulbright Awards.

However, if you do decide to attend College Day, we would discourage you from registering to attend a fair seminar, as the information provided does not apply to postgraduate study.

Instead, the Fulbright Commission hosts an event called USA Grad School Day hosted semi-annually. It is a three-hour workshop about postgraduate study in the US and will cover a variety of topics including application components, admissions exams, choosing the right programme and funding opportunities, including the Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarships.

Q: How should I prepare for the event?

To prepare for the event, you may want to review the comprehensive information on our website about undergraduate study in the US. After you have registered, be sure to read our page on how to make the most of College Day, as well as the weekly email updates with tips about the event and questions you may want to consider asking university exhibitors.

Q: Which universities will be exhibiting at College Day this year?

Visit our page on 2016 College Day Exhibitors for a complete list of exhibitors. You can also learn more about each university by reading their profile on the College Day University Search.

Even if the universities in which you are most interested are not exhibiting at College Day, you should still consider attending. As explained within Choosing Universities, many students end up finding a great match at a university or town they had not previously heard of! Also, speaking to other US university representatives in-person will give you a better feel for the application process, as well as what US institutions are looking for in their applicants relative to UK universities.

Q: Do I need to bring anything with me?

The only document you need to bring with you on the day is a printed ticket for each attendee.

We also recommend bringing a pad and pen in order to make notes in our seminars and after speaking to university representatives. 

Business cards or pre-typed labels with your information to give to university representatives have also proven useful in the past.

Q: Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Nonetheless, if you have any concerns, you are encouraged to email to discuss advice for attending the event.

Q: When should I arrive?

Due to the popularity of last year's College Day, this year's attendees will be able to beat the queues by registering to arrive for a specific entry time. If you have not registered or if you miss your entry time on the day of the event, you can begin queuing for day-of registration from 6:00 pm onward on Friday or 1:30 pm onward on Saturday. However, you will be allowed entry only if capacity allows. Please be sure to arrive promptly for your entry time.

Q: I can't attend the event. What should I do?

If you cannot change your plans to attend this annual event, register to receive our e-newsletter, and we will send you an email about how to request information from US universities after the event. You can also learn about the undergraduate admissions process by attending one of our seminars or webinars.