UK Student Blogs: A View From Abroad

Wondering what US study is like for a UK student? Find out straight from the horse's mouth! Follow the adventures of our EducationUSA Ambassadors as the navigate their way through the US university experience.

Paraic playing Bingo with American students.

Meet our EducationUSA Ambassadors:

Gary Sellick

Gary is from Southeast England and is pursuing a Doctoral degree in History. He studies in the beautiful southeastern United States at the University of South Carolina.

Jack Shaw

Jack is from Derby and is currently studying in Easton, Pennsylvania. He is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (a self-designed major) at Lafayette College.

Sam Marley

Greetings, my name is Sam Marley and I am a 19 year old freshman currently attending Northeastern University located in Boston, MA. Residing from Sheffield, I attended Wales High School throughout high school and sixth form; achieving A levels in Economics, Mathematics and History. Now at university, I am pursuing a BSc in Economics & Finance having recently declared this as my major. As well as attending Northeastern for academia, I am also a student-athlete, playing for the varsity Soccer team. 

Stephanie Addenbrooke

Stephanie Addenbrooke is a freshman at Yale University (New Haven, CT). She is originally from Merseyside, England, and is interested in pursuing a Humanities degree. Outside of the classroom, she sings with her a cappella group and is part of Yale’s active theater scene.

New in 2015!

Abby Stear

Abby is a freshman at Whitman College. Abby is excited to be a new blogger for Fulbright, and has plenty to share about her experience in Washingon state!

Gouresh Kamble

Gouresh is a sophomore at Green River College. he is originally from Milton Keynes, England, is interested in pursuing a political science/international relations degree. He enjoys the many hiking trails the Northwest has, as well as being actively involved with the college’s Student Government. He is also President of the European Club on campus.

EducationUSA Ambassadors Blog Posts

October 2013:

Gary: Coming to AmericaSchool Spirit

Jennie: Igniting Unity at Dartmouth 

November 2013:

Gary: Academic LifeHolidays are Coming

December 2013:

Gary: Fair Time, Road Trips

January 2014:

Gary: Is it safe to leave coins in your car?, To Pledge or not to pledge

February 2014:

Gary: The Hazards of Homesickness 

March 2014:

Jack: Life at Lafayette, A Visit to Boston

Sam: Northeastern in a Nutshell, Making the Most of America, NUCAIS

Gary: Spring Break

Stephanie: Studies and Other Adventures at Yale, Let It (Not) Snow

April 2014:

Jack: Another Semester Over, Breaking Routine

Sam: Finals Are Here... and Summer Also?, A Well-Deserved Break

May 2014:

Jack: Winding Down, Highlights from Travelling

Sam: Freshman Year Through a Camera, Graduation With a Twist

Gary: Working in the US, And Now the End is Near...

Stephanie: Five Plays in a Semester, Getting Close to Faculty

June 2014:

Jack: Summer Plans

Gary: Freedom!

Stephanie: Finished Freshman Year

Sam: Learning Never Ends

August 2014:

Jack: Happy New Year

Sam: Back to Boston

September 2014:

Jack: Going GreekThe Tough Gets Going

Sam: An Insight into the 'Real' World

October 2014:

Jack: Looking Ahead

Sam: Mid-Term StrugglesThe Job Hunt

November 2014:

Jack: Calm Before the Storm

Sam: Tailgates, BBQ's. and a Little Bit of Soccer

December 2014:

Sam: Heading Home!

January 2015:

Abby: New Beginnings

February 2015:

Gouresh: Life in the Northwest


Please note, the blog posts included above are not the official views of the US-UK Fulbright Commission.