UK Undergraduates: Spend Your Summer in the USA

Applications are open for the 2017 Study of the US Institutes (SUSIs) for Student Leaders from Europe. These five-week programmes are designed to give British students with little foreign travel experience the opportunity to live and study at a US higher education institution alongside students from other European countries.

Three study abroad summer programmes are available for students with a passion for business, the environment, or civic engagement, as well as the desire to experience American culture first-hand. You do not need to be studying these subjects, so are encouraged to explore your interests:

SUSI Participant

The Social Entrepreneurship SUSI will examine the development, history, challenges and successes of social entrepreneurship in the US.  

The Environmental Issues SUSI will explore current themes in environmental studies, which includes natural resource management, sustainability, agriculture, ecotourism, energy, and water management and treatment.  

The Civic Engagement SUSI will provide participants with an overview of how citizens, both as individuals and groups, have shaped US history, government and society.

In addition to the academic focus of each Institute, students will be introduced to US culture and society through enrichment activities.

All participant costs are covered, including: round-trip airfare from the UK to the US; tuition and fees at the host university; accommodation and meals; a small daily allowance; and health and accident insurance. Individuals from a broad range of backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Application deadline:

15 January.

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