Liberal arts

Undergraduate degrees in the USA are more flexible than in the UK. You do not need to know which subject you want to ‘major’ in before you apply. Lots of students apply ‘undecided’ and figure out their majors along the way.

As part of the liberal arts philosophy, you are allowed to explore your academic interests by taking classes from a variety of subjects before focusing on your major.

You can even ‘double major’ in two subjects, or ‘minor’ in a subject you want to take a few classes in.

Here are some of the undergraduate degrees you might be able to read in the USA:

  • Mathematics and Philosophy
  • History with a minor in Economics
  • Dance Anthropology and Human Biology
  • Music and Business Studies
  • Political Communication with a minor in French

Or you could design your own major, taking classes from several departments.

US universities aim to graduate well-rounded students, who can engage with the world in an interdisciplinary manner and with a broad skill set in both the arts and the sciences.