Civic Engagement

This Study of the US Institutes provide participants with an overview of how citizens have shaped U.S. history, government, and society both as individuals and groups.

The academic program will define civic engagement, examine its development in the United States, and explore topics such as:

  • citizenship
  • community building
  • economic development
  • grassroots activism
  • political leadership
  • volunteerism

In order to enhance the academic experience, to the Institute may focus on a specific theme or sub-themes such as: 

  • civil rights and protections
  • public health
  • education,
  • entrepreneurship
  • ethics
  • leadership
  • media

To the extent possible, academic sessions will be complemented with hands-on sessions or workshops designed to build skills in the topics mentioned above. 

The Institute will encourage participants to develop innovative and practical plans to become engaged citizens in their own communities. 

Programmes dates and host instituion TBA.