Brown University

The Fulbright Postgraduate Student Award at Brown University enables a British student to pursue a PhD in any discipline available at the university.

Brown University, founded in 1764, is a member of the Ivy League and recognised for the quality of its teaching, research, and unique curriculum.

Located in historic Providence, Rhode Island, Brown University is the seventh-oldest college in the USA.

Brown University's Graduate School offers 51 doctoral programmes, including those of the School of Engineering and the School of Public Health.

Brown is renowned for its distinctive student body — independent and self-directed — and for the educational culture that fosters these qualities.

Its small size compared to most other leading research universities provides a human scale that allows members of the university community to interact on a meaningful personal level and to develop relationships that enhance the teaching and research work of the university.

Brown is committed to excellence in research as well as in teaching. All regular faculty members actively pursue their own research and intellectual interests, teach in both graduate and undergraduate programs and are active in the direction of theses and dissertations. 

Application requirements

Applicants should only apply to this award if they fully intend to apply to Brown University.

It is expected that, before making a Fulbright application, applicants will make contact with the relevant department or faculty member at Brown that aligns with their research. Please provide evidence of this contact, such as email correspondence with the relevant department or faculty member who would supervise the project.

Grant amount

This Award covers up to five years of PhD study.

  • Full tuition: Tuition will be covered within the five-year guarantee. For 2020-21 tuition is $57,112.
  • Stipend: A stipend that will award no less than $26,276 for each academic year. Summers are funded on top of this amount.
  • Transitional funding: A transitional stipend in the amount of $1,200 to be dispersed in the first weeks of your first semester.
  • Health insurance: Brown University will cover the cost of the full premium of your student health insurance plan.
  • Dental insurance: Brown University will cover the cost of the full premium of your student dental insurance plan.

For more information about making an application, visit our How to Apply page.