British Friends of Harvard Business School

The Fulbright - British Friends of Harvard Business School Award provides funding for UK citizens to pursue an MBA at Harvard Business School.

The British Friends of Harvard Business School was registered as a UK charity in 1990 by the Harvard Business School Club of London, to raise funds for British students to attend Harvard Business School.

Grant amount

  • Up to $45,000

Towards tuition costs at HBS.

Application guidance

Applications for the British Friends of Harvard Business School Award will be accepted until Monday, 8 April 2019, 5pm GMT.

If you are applying to MBAs at US business schools in addition to Harvard, you should apply through the All Disciplines Award category by the deadline of 6 November 2018.

If you are then admitted to Harvard Business School, your Fulbright application will be considered for the British Friends of Harvard Business School Award. Otherwise, you will remain in the All Disciplines pool for your other MBA application(s).

If you are only applying to an MBA at Harvard Business School, you may apply directly for the British Friends of Harvard Business School Award by the deadline of Monday, 8 April 2019, 5pm GMT.

How to apply

1. Review the UK specific application information:

The online application, Embark, is used by Fulbright programmes around the world, and Awards differ greatly from country to country. There are many fields and instructions which do not apply to UK applicants. Therefore, you must read the UK specific application information listed above before you apply to ensure you submit a complete application in the correct way.

2. Complete an online application.

When applications are open, we will link to the online application portal, Embark, via the banner at the bottom of this page. The online application includes:

  • Biographical information
  • Academic, professional and extracurricular accomplishments
  • Study/Research Objective
  • Personal statement
  • Details of the US institution(s) to which you will apply
  • Three referee nominations

The online application requires you to upload the following required documents:

3. Complete the separate online US-UK Fulbright Commission Supplemental Form

This is a required part of the application for all applicants, and your application will be considered incomplete without it. Please follow the link above to access the form.

3a. If you are submitting an application with a 2:2 undergraduate result, you must additionally complete the following 2:2 Undergraduate Result Form.

We may accept applications from individuals with a 2:2 overall result in some exceptional cases. We will evaluate these applications separately and on a case by case basis will determine if the application will be included in the competition.

4. You must make a separate application to Harvard Business School, the timeline and deadlines for which will vary from the Fulbright application.