The Fulbright University of Exeter Summer Institute is a four-week cultural and academic programme for US students, focusing on climate change issues in stunning South West England.

The University of Exeter is home to a number of globally renowned climate and weather scientists, and the UK's national weather service, the Met Office, is headquartered in the city.

The first week of this Summer Institute is spent investigating environmental change and its consequences with Exeter's Geography Department, ranked in the top 25 in the world.

In the last three weeks, participants choose an academic programme as part of the university's International Summer School, comprising over 100 students from around the world.


Previous academic programmes have included:

  • Global Climate Change: Environment Technology and Society
  • Adapting Cognitive Behavioural Therapies to improve Access to Psychological Therapies
  • Rethinking Shakespeare: Beyond the Bard
  • Tolkien on Page and Screen
  • International Relations: Security, Conflict and Peace
  • Introduction to English Law
  • Preventative Medicine: Exercise and the Environment
  • Victorian Evolutions and Revolutions: Literature and visual culture

Previous cultural programmes have included:

  • Welcome barbeque
  • Dartmoor National Park
  • Weekend trip to London
  • Day trips to Bath and St Ives

At the end of the programme there will be a farewell party.